Fracking and ground water contamination

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    Pedro wyoming

    Man made disasters seemed to be the best place for this as there is not a thread titled “The multitude of considerations for choosing a BOL”.
    A hat tip to my adversary is due here. A few days ago i watched “Gasland Part 2” by Josh Fox. I did not give this much credence as his first “expose” was fraught with errors, half truths, distortions and damn lies. I worked on some of the sites he had in the first episode and can say with certainty that he was not just wrong. He was libelous.

    However, this is not the case with his second installment. I have spent a dozen hours over a couple of days trying to invalidate his claims and have failed. In fact i have inadvertently authenticated much of what he says and shows in his film. His claim of 5% well failure in the first year after drilling is in fact corroborated by the SPE, API and EPA.

    I encourage anyone living in areas being exploited for shale gas to watch the show and give credence to what he has to say. These hazards are real, permanent and serious. Look carefully when you are buying a BOL for the hazards of frack and cement failure may or may not be conspicuous.
    Investgate the mineral exploration history. This info is available online in every state that has any petroleum exploration. PM me if you need help.

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