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    Here’s an excellent Opportunity to win a #10 Can of Mountain House (See Link) There will be 2 lucky winners.

    Follow these 2 steps for your chance to win:

    #1) Copy the following announcement and tell others about it.
    You can post on your website, your blog, your face book page, and even email your friends about it.

    The American Preppers Network wants to give away free Survival and Preparedness Disks. Get your Free Disk at

    #2) Leave a Comment to this post:

    You can leave a comment each day through December 23rd. Leaving a comment to this post each day will increase your chances of winning. When you leave a comment, let us know what website you’ve posted on. Or tell us who you’ve told about the free CD’s.

    Examples of comments:
    “I’ve emailed my friends about the free CD”
    “I’ve posted about the free CD on my website at: http://www……
    “I’ve posted on my facebook page about the free CD”

    Be sure to check back on December 26th for the announcement of the winner. We will choose 2 winners. Prizes unclaimed after 5 days will go to the next runner up. Good Luck!

    Remember to use discretion when posting on sites owned by others especially if you aren’t a regular member. Many sites have strict spam policies or may frown on postings that link to other forums. If unsure ask the site owners

    We have a 2nd Opportunity to win on the APN blog.

    Go here and leave a comment as well:

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