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    Some of you probably have been noticing my custom avatars. Other work I’ve done has involved our mastheads on our state blogs and the APN and U.S. State and Canadian Provincial preppers network logos.

    Here are examples of my avatars:
    Tom Eastwood:


    Indiana Tom:


    Vincent VanTom

    Now you can have your own free custom Avatar. All you have to do is supply me with the inspiration of what you’d like done and provide some leeway for my creativity…meaning it may not look exactly like you envision, but it will still be cool. Plus I’ll ask for one small favor in return that we’ll talk about when you email me…nothing big, but it is to help out our organization. This is limited to a first come first served basis and will be limited to the time I have available. I get tons of emails, so if I don’t respond right away or am unable to get to yours please be patient. I reserve the right to not do any avatars that I disagree with philosophically or morally. When you email me, please include what you’d like done and pictures if any. I can be reached at


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