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  • #5852 is willing to give every person that friends the prepper podcast on blog talk radio a free ebook.

    Info: Family Secret Recipes? We have all heard that saying, “It’s a family secret recipe”. Why should we keep these recipes secret? What happens if they get lost or forgotten? Recipes that that been passed down generation after generation should not be forgotten or lost! The reason they were passed down to begin with is they are tried and true recipes. Recipes from scratch. Recipes that come from real ingredients not processed meals.

    *Is cooking from scratch convenient? To most, probably not. Once you achieve the art of cooking from scratch you might change you mind. Our ancestors didn’t have the convenience of opening up a can and heating it on the stove or microwave. Our ancestors didn’t have the convenience of fast food drive thrus or take out dining. My family still believes in, “There is nothing like a home cooked meal”.

    *We hope you enjoy the recipes we have compiled from the generations before us, and that you think twice about keeping your family recipes a secret. If there is one thing you can pass on to your kin, pass on your skills and knowledge, yes even recipes.

    This Cook Book will be in a PDF download file with over 100 + Recipes. Most are over 100 years old.

    Once you friend us on Blogtalk Radio email:"> and let us know.

    To friend the Prepper Podcast on blog talk Radio go here: Then join Blog talk and click “add to friends”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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