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    APN is offering Free Gold Membership for members who are willing to become State Moderators and meet the following criteria.

    1) Have been on this forum for at least 1 month
    2) Have done at least 50 posts
    3) Willing to moderate both your states forum and post on your states blog. The tasks are quite simple and will be explained to you.
    4) Be active on your states forum by logging in and posting and participating at least 3 times per week.
    5) Do at least 2 posts per week on your states blog. You do not have to write articles for your state blogs, but it does help. At a minimum we ask that you repost some information from your states forum, other articles from this forum, links to important local news and whether, links to local state preparedness resources or do member introduction posts. Here is a a couple examples:
    *Member introductions:
    *Reposted Article:
    6)Have the following or similar line ad in your signature line:

    “Support APN and become a Gold Member Today! Free E-book “It’s a Disaster And What Are You Gonna Do About It?” Free Lifetime Membership at SafeCastle Royal. 30% Discount at All this and more! Sign Up Here”

    Your ranking tag will look like this

    State Moderators who are also active in posting on the blogs even have the opportunity to have their own ads or affiliate ads on our state blogs to help generate a little extra revenue.

    Our Gold membership is what pays the bills and allows us to get sponsors in here to offer deep discounts. We are willing to offer this benefit for free for those who are willing to volunteer as state moderators to help promote and build your state blog and forum. By doing so it helps bring more members into our forum. We will offer this opportunity to one moderator per state, so get in now while you have the chance.

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