Free Liftetime Membership at SafeCastle – Read More Here.

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    Safecastle Royal Buyers Club offers a wide range of top quality preparedness-realted products. Most of the products listed in the store are discounted at least 20% for club members (excludes only the steel plated shelters and Mountain House cans). Shipping is always free. Members often also receive free gifts with sale purchases.

    You can visit the SafeCastle Site Here:

    To join the Safecastle buyers club for Free (valued at $49)

    Step 1
    First join APN Gold Members club here:

    Step 2
    After you’ve become an APN Gold Member, you will receive a password that will allow you to access to the APN Gold members area to receive your SafeCastle coupon code.

    Step 3
    Once you are an APN Gold member and have your password, this is the direct link for the SafeCastle promotion:

    This is a great benefit that Vic has provided to APN Gold members so please consider joining APN Gold Members club and taking advantage of SafeCastles Free buyers club offer (valued at $29) and make a purchase soon at Safecastle Royal Buyers Club.

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