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    On Wednesday, a friend of mine was speaking at the Hampton City Council meeting in Hampton, Virginia. He was asking the city to not impose the Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (look it up). The mayor, a Liberalcrat, told him to stop and then turned off his microphone. He continued to speak and was then escorted out by the police. I have not found out if he was arrested.

    His name is David Dietrich. Both he and his wife are retired Air Force and own a preparedness store in Hampton. They are very fine people.

    The liberal newspaper, The Daily Press, gave only a very sketchy coverage of the event. They did not give any description of what The Defense Authorization Act is all about.

    If you would like to comment to the newspaper, here is the editor’s, Ryan Gilchrest, e-mail address:

    If you would like to lend David emotional support, his address is:

    I would appreciate your help.
    If you would like to call David, PM me for the phone number. Don’t try to call the newspaper, you will only get an answering service in India.

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