Freezing vs. Dry Storage

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    I was a big advocate of storing alot of food in my freezer: meats, vegetables, meals, etc. But, given the fact that should a power outage occur this may not be such a wise choice, especially for a large amount of meat. It might make sense during the winter when food could be stored outside in the cold and snow and still maintain preservation. I’m due for a meat run around the end of the month, but now I’m inclined not to buy so much. In the long run it does save me money buying in bulk from BJ’s and I do live in New England where the cold is a given, especially as predicted this year.

    I do have a substantial supply of canned, preserved and dry food so I’m covered there.

    What do most of you do in terms of freezing food? Alot or a little? On another survival/prep forum this was strongly discouraged. Open to sensible ideas. Should I stay the course and not concern myself too much with this or change my mind set a bit and go for smaller quantities?

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