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    Legend has it that a true Southern Baptist preacher that is worth anything can smell fried chicken cooking from 3 miles away.LOL First off, you can save a lot of money by buyin a whole fryer and cutting it up yourself. Legs and thighs in family packs will cost double of what a whole fryer will cost. Don’t try to cut up the chicken with a sharp knife. It can be done but you may wind up in the E.R. getting sewn up. I use a pair of meat scissors or shears. You cut the chicken up into the breast, wings, 2 thighs and 2 legs. You can coat the chicken in scrambled eggs. We just wet em down good with water and then dredge em in flour. Put a little salt and pepper to taste. Make sure the oil in your skillet is good and hot. Put the chicken parts in the oil and cook away. The time will vary with the size of the chicken part. Usually when the flour gets to a golden brown and crispy, it is done. The breast is the biggest piece so it will take a little longer. When I was growing up and we had chicken, she would always cut off the bottom 2 ribs of the breast. We called that the pulley bone. If you close your eyes and break the pulley bone, you got a wish granted. it never did work for me but it was fun.

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