Canning Fruit at Home

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    So I buy canned fruit at the store. It’s mostly things like mandarin oranges, pineapple, grapes, etc… the general mixed fruit in heavy, medium, or light syrup.

    As a kid I remember my folks making preserves from fruits and berries. But they were thick and were closer to jelly than the actual fruit or berries in syrup.

    Can I do things like apples, strawberries, blackberries, bananas in either light, medium, or heavy syrup like the stuff I buy now already in cans? If so, is there a special way to do it so they don’t turn to mush and be only useful for spreading on a biscuit?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Is there an easey way to peal paers? We just did 8 pints lost a lot of pear peeling with a knif. Anny hints,thanks.


    I am careful to keep uptodate on food preps too. I want to have safe food for my family. And I’m putting up anything and everything. I went to my local guy, he has orchards, all kinds of vegetables and everything, I’m not sure where he sells it but with the amount he has he does somewhere. He is also a gun dealer and we were chatting about that today, I think he is a good person to know, he agrees with me that something just isn’t right and we are concerned about what can happen. I didn’t say I prep but I think he knows from the quantity I bought from him last year. I believe he is starting to raise rabbits, I will buy some from him if he is. I believe he thinks well of me. He told me it was to early for his other apples, would be a couple of weeks, but if I wanted some he had an old apple tree and I could get all I wanted for FREE if I wanted to pick them, do you think I said no? He gave me a huge box and I went out and filled it full. I was just looking in my Ball book. I have a juicer that says you don’t need to seed and can just boil the apples till their soft, but I’m still going to core and quarter them. Likely will take all afternoon. The Ball book tells me the additional preparations and can be done in a water bath canner. Of course I will add lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon. I will get bigger better apples from him for stewed apples and baking. He lost all his peaches to the cold weather this spring, that is he didn’t have any blooms.

    On that note I heard on TV last night that with the droughts in California, Neveda, Oklahoma, and Texas, maybe other places that food prices are going to go crazy. The official estimates for various were from 2.6% to 10% increases The Man explaining about it said those aren’t even realistic to look at 3 times those increases.

    He said another thing that’s going to happen is LOTS of cheap food like chicken will be coming in from China. They said watch out for it, he said in some cases it will be in processed foods and you won’t even know other then its a lot cheaper. As we know their sanitation and growing practices leave a lot to be desired. We will eventually poison so many people they will do something about it I think, but after the fact. Sad, sad.


    I am canning this year for the first time and I am absolutely loving it (surprised me too). So far I have completed strawberry and raspberry jam, sliced peaches and spiced peaches. Since blueberries are very cheap I wanted something unique to do with them. Anyone have great recipe ideas. How many cans do you usually put up,what type of fruits, and how many cans should I aim for one person to be self-sufficient for one year?

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