Funeral in Westminster, MD UPDATE

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    Since this thing lives close to me thought I would post this. The “The Westboro Baptist Church” Fred Fhelps The precher and a disbar lawyer almost all the members are family. They picket military funerals and gay funerals. At both they have sings “God hates fags” and “God hates the USA”
    They are such good Baptist that it make me sorry I went to a Baptist church growing up. I should not post this but I pray they crash and burn (fire) some time so I can picket them. My sign will read ” For God so Loved the world…. “Love thy neighbor as thy self”.” onclick=”;return false; is the web site for the Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder who was kill in Iraq.
    The 4th Circuit Court threw out the Baltimore Jury’s award and westboro baptist church filled a motion to recoup court costs judge gave them $96,740.21 for court cost but droped the amount to about $16,000.00 I think not in todays paper. Next stop is the Supreme Court I hope the court sides with Snyder and gives him the $11 million he got from the jury award.
    Sorry this is so badly writen but I am so mad about this. A funeral is for freinds and family not a$$ holes.

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