GA Roll Call for August 7th

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    Hello again Georgia members!! :clap: What a hot and dry week it has been here in my area! My poor abandoned garden is all dried and dead and still too hot to get out and start fall plantings.
    This weeks preps involved me still compiling a current inventory of goods in my storage..sad to have to discard a few items, but some things with close ‘use by dates’ will be going to the food pantry this week, which does give one a nice feeling. Last Saturday I took an online class called “Enough and to Spare–Coupon Training Boot Camp”.
    Link to the information
    I was dubious that I could learn enough at the class to justify the cost, but I was well rewarded for my investement. I ventured out one afternoon this week and Publix was having a BOGO sale so I stocked up on several items (wish now I had gotten more…ha ha) and am creating my binder to hold all the coupons that will soon be coming via a company in Oregon that ships 3 pounds of coupons to you monthly. We don’t get newspapers in our county any more so this will be a great help to me in getting the coupons. This program assures one that you will quickly build up reserves and have enough to spare for sharing with others…just what I need for my ANTS buckets and needy family members. I am also planning on taking her Solar Oven Cooking class on August 19th…stay tuned for my results.
    I prepared a canned salmon loaf recipe from a food storage recipe book this week, was good albeit a bit dry and could use some sort of for suggestions ladies.
    Guess that is about all I did this week besides taking the stray Mother cat to be spayed and nursing her on twice daily antibiotics…I have 4 darling black and white kittens needing good homes if anyone is interested.
    Check in mates and let us know all is well with you…happy prepping…may you find great bargins on your needs!!

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