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    I stopped in at Harbor Freight last week as I have been looking for a cart or wagon to pull behind my riding mower. I had been thinking of making one and they have small wheels and tires. In traveling through the store I came on a ready made Garden Cart ,
    Steel frame , 10 inch tires , Front axel turns so you can pull it like a wagon. It measures 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. It says it will hold 1000 LBS regular price $119.99 ON Sale $79.99 and every week in the News paper there is a Coupon for 20% off one Item So for $60.00 plus tax out the door and an hour or two to put it together I Have a cart that will pull behind my mower or I can pull it my self, even use it to unload groceries. You can look it up if interested at Harbor Freight Item #60359 Steel Mesh Deck Wagon. I don’t think I could have made on as good at that price. The changes I have Made are a plywood box, and replaced the pull handle with 1 Inch square tube and a hitch for the mower. Easy way to move loads around the property.


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