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    If you wish to join the A.N.T.S. in Georgia or an affiliated colony. Please send a PM with contact information to Ravenwood or myself (Farside). How much and what information is up to you. But keep in mind, we will be more effective if we can make contact by phone and have a good idea of your location.

    We ask that you check in on the weekly roll call started each Saturday. This will allow us to ensure members are OK. If we have a phone number and you request a follow up. We will call you if you have not checked in by Tuesday.

    I would like to see the Georgia ANTS network to become pro active in time of emergency. An example of how I see the network working is:
    We have tornados rip through Hampton and Griffin area. By checking the list we know three member live in that area. We can get on the phone and check on their status. If we can make contact and they are ok we can stand down. If we can’t make contact we can make arangements to send in a scout team to make contact.

    Member I have met in the past and have contact information for are already on the list.

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