Georgia Roll Call for July 31, 2009

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    Running late today with roll call…I was attending an online seminar on using coupons to help build up preps/food storage. Great seminar.
    Ok Georgia members…is all well with you and share any preps you might have made this week with us. Take Care!!
    P.S. I finally got my ‘food safe’ water hoses to fill my 55 gallon drums…not a bad deal…$8.00 each at Big Lots.
    P.S.S. Ha Ha…my trial run at making home made cereal flakes was a disaster…hard as a rock, even the food processor could only turn it to powder. Been a long time since I tried that…looks like I need to practice. Nice to make the mistake now while my ruin will only make nice bird food. But on a happy note…my dehydrated celery processed nicely in the food processor so now I have nice mini flakes to add to soups and such.

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