Getting College Kids Home-Network Needed!

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    I posted this in the PA State thread, for PA families to discuss, but we need to think about this across the whole board.

    Should have thought of this before. Don’t know why I didn’t, but with two kids in college and wanting them HOME, with this N.Korean nut-job, it came to mind today. We should try and get some kind of network where our kids can make the trek home, and have safe houses to go to, along the way.

    I have one in Philadelphia. He needs to get from there, to Harrisburg. I HOPE he printed the map I sent him. Saw him, this weekend and he said it’s only 28 hours WALKING to come home. He’s an athlete. He could probably do it, if he stays safe. A network between there and here would be ideal. My other college student has a boyfriend & family where she’s at school, so they would get to her. (I asked them to do so, last night).

    So, what do you think? Would this be doable? -k

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