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    After almost 7 years of prepping, we have accumulated a ton of supplies. Organizing the smaller items has become a gigantic problem. I’ll know I have items like; tent lights, emergency candles, pocket flashlight, water filters, and compressed towels, etc. in the Prep room, but where did I put them? I was constantly searching buckets, drawers, and totes for the one thing I was looking for. What a waste of time! Finally, I hit on a great way to store dozens and dozens of items that could be found in an instant. I went to Walmart and bought an Over the Door Organizer, like this:

    It has 24 big, clear pockets, so I can spot what I’m looking for right away. I located the items I needed for our recent hurricane in seconds! If we had to Bug Out, I could just roll up the organizer and shove it in the car. I love this organizer so much, I’ve decided to buy 2 more to hang on the ends of our row of shelves. They would be great for holding things like medical supplies and toiletries, and clear up some floor space. Wish I’d thought of this years ago!

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