Gluten Free 72 hour kits

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    Hello fellow Texans, I am new to this site and hope to learn nore. But, not new to food storage.
    Last year some friends of mine wanted long term food storage for Celiacs who are on a gluten free
    diet, I thought about it and did my homework. It was a great idea, yes there are others saying they are
    gluten free. But long story short their factories still contain gluten, washing down a piece of equipment
    does not mean no wheat is present.
    Our factory is 100% gluten free and carries the Celiac Sprue Seal of approval.
    I have test marketed our products with great results. Because we already use freeze dried our products
    have a shelf life of 3 years at the local chain stores we already sell to.
    We know will have a new website up for Surivial that are packed in mylar with oxgen absorbers giving
    us a 5-7 year shelf life. Contact me with questions Teri

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