Got the hutches done…with pics

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    The hutches are done, and the rabbits each have their own “private digs” now. So, here are the pics.

    This first one is the double hutch that I had to “rehab” by pulling ALL the old wire from the bottom and doors and replace with new wire, paint, and replace all the hardware.
    [attachment=3:1r50kqnw]Double hutch.JPG[/attachment:1r50kqnw]

    The doe is is the right-hand side of the hutch, but she’s hiding out in the nest box, so I opened it up, and here she is.
    [attachment=2:1r50kqnw]Doe in nestbox.JPG[/attachment:1r50kqnw]

    This is Snowball (He came with the name) He is a Dwarf Netherland–NOT an “eating rabbit”, just a pet. (He came with the double hutch as part of a “package deal”.

    Finally, here is the buck who will be the “babydaddy”. Sorry you can’t see more of him, but he’s busy stuffing his face.

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