Granville, Franklin, Wake County area.

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    I’m wanting to network with Preppers, Oath Keepers, Ham Operators, those proficient in Wilderness Survival, Emergency Services personnel, Law Enforcement, etc for mutual support in a SHTF situation, which I feel will come sooner than later. I’m not about staging a coup or other such activities, but I am about protecting and supporting each other, and if possible, our communities in dire times. When this happens, even Emergency Services and Law Enforcement personnel will be stretched thinly or unable to respond for various reasons. I do know it will be hard for them to respond knowing their families are at risk when they are gone. I already know of and associate with a few people in this tri-county area. Most of us are spread all over the map, but I do want to help establish groups that are local to each other. I know some do not want others to know their business, so I will absolutely respect this and only make information and connections based on what each contact specifies.


    Hello from out of state. I know this is odd but i am trying to find a small city to move to as I am located in douglasville, GA. It has over 32,000 people which in a shtf case is just too much for me because i am by myself. I have been growing some food over the last two to three years off and on but no one in my so called subdivision is doing it but me. That can be really scary if food runs out. I am learning everyday about alternative building and growing and would like to learn more with people who are doing the same thing I am doing which is learning how to be self-sufficient. Food prices are going up, housing is going up and the only way to make it is to have groups of people who think the same way and know what is really going on in the world. I have been researching for a long time but i have been able to sign up to this site to find like minded people. I am selling my house and looking for a nice friendly area. I have heard that some people are not too friendly and can even be mean to people like me but i have hope that there are some good people out there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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