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    Hey all, I am new to the site but not new to prepping.
    I have been looking for a good place to get and share information with like minded people.
    Something that is in short supply around here. My wife and son are on board but I have not been able to
    convince may others about the situation this world is in. My inner circle is very small.
    I am a hard working AMERICAN who wants to live simply and provide for my family.
    I am not a survivalist to the extreme, but have no problem defending what is mine.
    I am am avid fisherman. I run salmon fishing charters part time.
    I am an avid hunter, who refuse to buy beef. I make all my sausage and burger.
    We have a small semi remote track of land/off grid cabin with most of the home creature comforts (wired for solar power ).
    It provides us with most of our meat, some wild fruits and a place to get away from the rat race.

    I hope I am welcome here.
    Freedom is not a privilege, it is a right!

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