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    Would just like to say hello and introduce myself to the group. I am a husband and father of three (12,11,4) and I am also a business owner and prepper.
    I have been interested in survivalism and prepping since the young age of 16, I recently just turned 36. However it really has only been within the last 5 years that my preparations were kicked into high gear with relation to food, water, fuel, medical, security, communications, orienteering, power generation, and skill set aquisitions. My wife is NOT a prepper however she is not a hinderence with regards to procurement or ideology and basically prefers an ingnorant blisser mentality leaving the dirty work up to me. My boys (which are my stepsons by the way) however are very intrigued by dad’s preparations and learning skills with regards to firemaking, felling trees, security training, orienteering, fishing, hunting, etc etc. So I have some comfort in knowing they possess these skills in the event something happens to me so that they can take care of mommy and little sister. When little sister is of age however I do plan on ensuring she is proficient in all areas. I am also a suburban homesteader…..and keep up an average persona in the community. However I do have small raised bed heirloom vegetable and herb gardens from which I can and store, as well as, fruit bearing plants i.e. apple tree, blueberry bushes, several grape vines, and rasberry bushes. I mill my own wheat(currently procured in bulk from third party) into flour and make my own bread from a sourdough starter I manufactured dating back a few years now. I have built, tested, and made operational an mobile power generation unit via two photovoltaic panels, 400W windturbine, and 4 deep cycle marine batteries that keeps up with our lighting, refridgeration, and power tool needs, and I also have briefcase panels to generate power to recarge communications equipment and batteries. My BOB’s are in place for each member of the family with the exception of the little one whos stuff is incorporated with mine, my BOV is in place and well maintained, we two BOL’s in play in seperate directions from the city trying to take into account any contingencies barring directional limitations complete with shelter, storage, water source, privies, and security measures. I am by no means an expert on any of this but have a handle on a lot and I am very open to discuss anything that will help fellow like minded individuals get started or augment their situation for the better. Thanks for reading and good luck to all.


    Name is Jason by the way.


    Welcome Jason. I’m in Illinois 90 miles from either Cape or St Louis with a nice little farm. Hello neighbor!


    Welcome Jason – i think that you will find many like-minded people here at this forum. And we really look forward to your contribution here….we’re always on the look-out for such an experienced prepper!


    @mmpaints wrote:

    Welcome Jason. I’m in Illinois 90 miles from either Cape or St Louis with a nice little farm. Hello neighbor!

    Hello Back atcha Neighbor!


    Hey, Jason, nice to get the “bio” on you. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good hankle on things. Hopefully the wife will come around eventually…at least she doesn’t try to prevent you from prepping, and sounds like you’re doing a good job getting the kids on board.


    i agree with everything that IceFire said….do you think that your wife might enjoy this board? we have a ton of women on this board and they range from prepping experts to brand new newbies – the great thing is that everyone is so welcoming and helpful.

    maybe your wife might enjoy it here?


    hahaha, I have not seen a single post on here about Nascar………..she would be bored! hahahahah


    bahahahaha – guess we need to get some Nascar fans to start a Nascar thread here!!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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