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    R. Scott

    I just came across this site while looking up water purification tablets on Amazon. One of the reviews suggested the water purification article at American Preppers Network. I liked the article, explored the site a bit and liked what I saw, so here I am.

    I am a lifelong Mainer and recently retired. I currently live, solo, in what is considered central Maine, a little less than 20 miles from the capital (Augusta).

    I started getting interested in prepping a few years ago and started “dabbling” at it; you know, the beans, bullets and band-aids approach. I haven’t started any networking as yet, though. I want to be careful about who I might want to network with, so I am approaching that slowly.

    While I don’t keep my prepper leanings a secret, I don’t tend to broadcast it either. I do try to encourage my progeny to engage and they now seem less skeptical about the concept than when I first started speaking with them about it. Gifts from me to them tend to be along the lines of bugout bag and other preparedness items.

    So that’s just a little bit about me. Not my life’s history, by any means, but a short introduction. I am looking forward to learning from this network as time goes on.


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