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    :clap: So glad to finally have time to meet some really great people. I work with a local group for urban reconstruction of the abandoned west side of Syracuse, and they network with permaculture and urban farmers, community gardeners, and green building technology. I hope to have honey bee hives in the city if all goes well. I also operate Plantcycle Central in NY, as well as the Prepper NY site. I usually am writing new articles and taking many photos, but having some personal challenges and having to work with them. Being a survivor of many challenges, this is just one more, and life moves forward. All one can do is try to make things better for yourself and the world around you the best you can. If your open to learning something new each day, it doesn’t make the challenges go away but makes us more prepared for what might be ahead.

    :thumbup: I love the enthusiasm of the group and the willingness to share experiences, and ideas as well as what may work for you or what has worked and might benefit others. I know that many of you have a lot to share, and that shows in the great articles I read from all over.

    Last week I had a tie rod break on my car while driving it. From the way it happened, I would have to say a couple of strong angels kept the car going till it came to a safe stop… It didn’t truly hit till I was home safe what really happened. I’m one of those who stays really calm in high stress situations and then sort of have my mini melt down when I know I am safe. Plus on top of all the places to break down that could have been on a remote stretch or while I was driving on a traffic circle. The car waits till I came to a full stop at a light, at a small intersection in front of a mini market. Then the right front tire buckles in on me as I touched the gas peddle just slightly to go forward. I got enough positraction to get it out of the intersection, with the left wheel and a coating of snow on the right hand side of the road and parked it. Then made the needed call from the store. If this was not a reason to try for my ham operators license again, I don’t know what would. So maybe now is the time. This along with some other challenges have been keeping me distracted, but I know how important the Prepper Network is and I will work on making it a big part of my life, along with being more aware.

    Our utility company has announced another hike and our electric bill has already doubled. This makes me want to take greater steps towards independence in a big way towards heating, and electric; along with growing, foraging, and bartering for some of my own food instead of depending on big box stores for all my needs. One doesn’t have to give up civilization to be more self reliant or a better Earth steward.

    Hope to get to know many more of you here in the near future. Its been a great experience so far. Cher :thumbsup:

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