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    ….not Australia:)
    My name is Beth, am a 46 year old Momma from somewhere in Kansas. Really excited to have found this forum. Guess I have always been a prepper. Earlier in life being poor with small children had taught me various ways of learning and living simply but well. You name it—from gardening, exploring Nature, to entertainment–a focus on self reliance, sharing, and creativity have always been present.
    My legacy is 7 children who are wildly creative, intellgent, concienscous (sp?) individuals whom I am proud to be their Mom!
    Skills are varied. Gardening, herbalism, soap making (have not bought store stuff for over 10 years), self publishing, strumming my guitar. Never underestimate how important musical skills can be for the best, and most uplifting, of entertainment!
    Ah….what else. Read Countryside for years and was active in their forum. Think Mother Earth is too commercial.
    Blessings and peace to all! If anyone is interested, I’m going to post my soapmaking class here when I find the right place!
    Always~Beth 😯

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