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    (1st – sorry for my Pinglish)

    I hasn’t been aware of the fact that what I think about and try to do has it’s name. Till today 🙂
    I’ve just read the article on (source : The Guardian) and found out that it’s name is… prepping.

    Great to find that I am quite normal :clap: to worry about so many dangers and things that are possible to happen. For me it is quite strange that so many people buy their insurance policies and do nothing more for the widely understood safety. And what if the first thing that would fail would be their insurance company ? :huh: And so on… People are trusting that everything always will be at least so good as it is now – the shortest way to be surprised. I don’t go this way. I do not believe in the omnipotence of the governments and politicians. In US you got much more possible way to disturb your life (disasters such as earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes or cyclones do not occure in Poland) but also not so frosty winter as it was now, made many cities in Poland cut away from electricity even for two or three weeks. So maybe it’s a good moment to make some noise about it here ? Maybe some people will meet each other and start?

    Now I will focus on your knowledge gathered on your websites to find out all the questions that are needed to be concidered. That is good that I do not have to open the opened door. 🙂

    I am open to discussions and proposals. :thumbsup:

    have a nice day,

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