Greetings from South Texas!

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    I don’t know why I didn’t think about posting here! I’ve seen Mylar bags of supplies coming in as donations! Thank you PREPPERS!!!
    I just want to send a giant shout out and thank you to all the preppers who sent donations our way here in Rockport.
    My family and I were safe and ready for the storm so the day after(the storm) we cleaned up our house and yard…the day after(that)we were out volunteering in the surrounding communities. Myself my friends and family and church members received tons of supplies from around the country. It was a blessing! The little church I’m associated with had fed clothed and provided supplies for around 300 families before a single government or large organization showed up! All from private donations and churches. I know there were peppers sending supplies because of the Mylar packed bags with hand written labels!
    All of you who sent goods,money, or prayers we all thank you!
    Long story short you can’t count on the government to save you…but you can count on your neighbors friends and fellow peppers!

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