Greetings from the frozen tundra!

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    Hello all! Very Glad to be here!
    As the thread subject indicates my family currently resides withing 20 miles of the cultural epicenter of the known universe (at least MY known universe)- Lambeau Field. I do bleed Green and Gold and the only items I really cherish beyond my family (wife and 2 girls) are my season tix to the Packers.
    I am a retired educator and hold Masters degrees in Educational Administration and Fisheries/Wildlife MAnagement. I currently run a small greenhouse and nursery business. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, and gardening.
    I have been seriously prepping for a year or two and my basic philsosphy on prepping is to add as many skills and as much knowledge as I do long term storable food items. This summer’s “project” revolves around learning to care for the 24 new Buff Orpington chickens currently residing in my horse barn.
    I’m here to learn but also to share any knowledge I may have gathered over the years regarding education, fisheries management, gardening, and rasing sustainable amounts of food for your family.
    VERY glad to be here!

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