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    I’ve been looking for something like this thread! Lots of good info on lighting, etc. Thanks. 😀

    Some questions:
    1) What veggies grow best indoors?
    2) When planting indoors, do you worry about time of year to plant?
    3) How different is this from growing in a greenhouse? Do you get enough produce from this to sustain you all winter?
    4) All the books I find on indoor gardening seem to be only relevant to plants you either look at or smoke. :whistling: Any good ones on indoor veggie gardening?


    I have a black thumb! So, I would like to know the easiest vegetable seeds to get started indoors. Thank you!


    To help you schedule your indoor and outdoor planting, use You can the adjust indoor planting times a bit if you have a greenhouse to plant a bit early

    I use the greenhouse to provide “indoor” like conditions since my home is too small to support much more than sprouting seeds indoors. I have not (yet) tried to actually grow food in one, just plants to transplant when the weather gets nice. I will be trying some winter crops this fall to see what can be done.

    Julie, I’ve had fair luck with most seeds. Beets, spinach have proven tough but most things do what nature expects.


    That is a great idea that you have suggested here. It is going to give maximum profit to those guys that are growing the vegetables and fruits hydroponically even in the winter time.


    If you want to grow highly nutritious food indoors that needs little light and will grow on cardboard and used coffee grounds you need to look at Oyster mushrooms. They are also easy to grow and even easier to store. You just dry them and they will keep for years in a Kilner jar. It takes a little know-how (but not much – and it is easily obtained). This should be a universal prepper skill. Check out the easiest type of Oyster mushroom to grow (the Blue/Grey one) at


    Maybe my video will be helpful?



    Salad greens and sprouts are about the best you’ll get indoors. You’re not going to be growing the higher-calorie crops that you’ll need to survive.

    The high-calorie crops need intense sunlight and warmth to produce. I can’t even grow some of those crops OUTDOORS, IN SUMMER!

    So don’t waste your money on high-intensity lights, start buying and stocking food, and seeds for growing outdoors in appropriate weather.

    The only high-calorie, high-protein food you can reliably grow with some extra hours of normal lighting and heat is eggs from a few chickens and ducks.


    We just got some great results this year using vertical gardening panels outdoors from this company We have a few panels indoors for the last week and the turnips, green beans, snow peas, parsley and other herbs love this environment!


    thanks for the link, I’ll have to look into that, this place’s yard is like a postage stamp.

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