Guess Who Turns 149 years old today?

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    Kansas became a State in 1861, January 29th.

    So what do you know about the great State that we live in?

    Do you know what Beecher’s Bibles were? Were we meant to be a Free State, or a Free Soil State? Was Brown Just a cold blooded murder or a true hero? How many Governments did Kansas Have? If there were more than one, which one was the only one that President Buchanan recognized as legitimate? Which Town in Kansas had the first woman mayor in US history? Was the “Red Light District” first founded in the State of Kansas? Who Was Dirty Dave Rudabaugh? Who were the 3 famous lawmen that kept the peace here? Who is Johnny Kaw? Who Was Alvin “Creepyā€¯ Karpis? Was the rotary phone invented here? What is so important about Nicodemus Kansas? What silent film star came from here? Was Kansas the first state to ratify the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which gave African-American men the right to vote? Which to fast food restaurants where founded here?

    Here is something easier for you What is the State’s Song? Insect? Flower? :happybday:

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