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    When I first started to really research Prepping I ended up at the old forum that nobody seems to go to anymore. I saw a thread on the guns forum and haven’t seen it here, Thought I would try and start it again. So what is your ultimate Gun safe look like inside, or what does it already look like? Below is how mine is laid out.

    I have 2 very large safes, one for supplies and one for Guns. In my gun safe I have the following items. I have 6 AR-15’s I wont get into magazines and how many I have or how many rounds they hold (California),(wife and I have 2 boys and 2 girls, they will all learn to shoot and my boys 8, and 10 already do shoot .22’s), I have 3 revolvers all 357’s , one sub, one medium and one large barrel, I only use 38 special rounds for them as they are for inside home defense ( I keep on hand 2k rounds for them). I have one Springfield arms sub compact .40 cal, I have 5 magazines for it, I keep on hand at least a minimum of 2k rounds for it. I also have a few M1’s that I keep at least 3k rounds for them. I have 2 9mm pistols, both are the berate 92fs or in military terms the M-9. This is by far the best semi auto pistol I hav ever owned. I also have the glock 21 as well as the glock 26, both of them are 9mm, I also have a 10mm, but I don’t shoot it that much. I have a few old rifles, a .220 swift and a .220br, I also have an 8mm mag and a 7mm mag as well as a 6mm mag, these I inherited and don’t shoot them that much anymore, but I do have a ton of ammo for them as they are easier to reload yourself. I keep (please don’t laugh at me) but I keep on hand for the .223 10k rounds on hand. I also have an ar-10 but I would rather have the .223 in a combat situation, guess it is the army in me. If I needed to drop an elk or stop a vehicle then I will break it out. I have a tactical vest as well , I love this vest as it has plenty of storage for extra magazines, knives, etc…. I also have shotguns, one Mossberg 500 home defender model , a youth Winchester 12 guage, I have a few antique side by side 20 gauges and I have one 16 gauge as well as one 410. I have about 2k rounds per gun. They can be used for hunting or defense. This is about it for my gun collection. Now onto the other safe,
    In the other safe which is located at the other end of the house for strategic reasons, I have in it the following, all important documents, jewelry, cash, gold, silver, medications ( I keep antibiotics, some morphine and a drug called stadol, I also keep on hand some depakote). This is where the ammo stock is held as well. I also have in this safe smoke grenades, chemicals such as one called the evacuator , this where I keep all my gun powder, bullets, shells, primers. I also keep 90 percent frames in this safe too, if you don’t know what that is let me know and I will explain it, but one is a 1911 frame, the jigs for it, and 2 ar-15 9- percent lower receivers. I keep gas masks in this safe, I keep duck tape too. I keep extra gun parts in it as well, from magazine springs, to bolts, firing pins. I keep a fresh set of BDU’s in it as well. I keep the American flag in it as well as a copy of the constitution. I also keep in this safe MRE’s just in case. I have my defender bag setup too in case I have to setup a perimeter around the house. I have walkie talkies too, so we can hear others in the area. I have 2 throw away cell phones in them too. I have a voice changer for the cell phones (no reason, it was given to me and can change the sound of your voice). I also keep our seed stash in this safe. I don’t know how anyone else feels about this but we also keep Marijuana seeds in it as well. You never know, it could be 1 medicine for 10 different ailments or rope or whatever, you never know too, maybe grow it and barter it. I keep flashlights in it, lighters, steel wool, and knives. I also have 8 pounds of gun powder in it all the time. I also keep Super glue in it and some JB weld, for repairing parts as well as first aid. We keep a guitar in it and playing cards and dice in it too along with some fishing gear. I also keep a vest for our dog in it and supplies for him as well. Below I will break down why I have some of the things in my safes that I do.
    In the primary gun safe (actual guns), I color code everything, I have my guns prepped and setup for different purposes, so for instance on of my AR-15’s is color coded red, if I told one of my boys to grab the red AR they will know which ones to grab. This can be done by using crayons, you can rub the crayon into the etching on the receiver, if you don’t like it you can take a straight pin and get it out. It lasts for a very long time. For plinking I have setup code white, hunting is green, so on and so on, I won’t tell you what blue or red is for you can do your own color coding. All of my children from the time they could walk have been around firearms and have been trained as age appropriate. I have revolvers strategically spread around the house, some of them are attached by 10 pond magnets. I got into using magnets when I was younger , my grandpa would use them, he would screw a magnet to the bottom of a table, the revolvers hid well under the table and are securely attached. My wife is all but 100 pounds, for her to rack a slide back on a semi isn’t good enough, it takes her to long, revolvers are the way to go for most females. There isn’t a lot to them and don’t jam. I use .38 special hollow points in them, because they are for in the house defense and it is more accurate for her with .38 rounds over 357 mags. I keep 2 shotguns ready to go, they will be used for around the home defense as well as for hunting upland game and waterfowl, I have a variety of shells on hand for them. I use a 12 when I hunt duck and pheasant. The older rifles I have I still will use but they are also single shot bolt action, but I tell you what, I can hit just about anything and drop it with the 8mag. I carry the springfield on me as a carry option, but may change to the glock 26 9mm, as it seems to be a better made piece. My go to in a combat type of situation or home defense would be the 92fs though, it is like having a damn 1911 but even more accurate, more dependable and you can hold more rounds with it. In the winter we load our own, so we can make sure we don’t run into any ammo snags, we always reload .223’s and 9mm.
    The reason I keep depakote on hand is for a few reasons, first it helps if you have to sedate someone, second it helps for migraines too, which I have a rare form of them called clusters headaches or ice pick headaches. I keep prednisone in there too, it is a steroid that can be used for animals as well as humans with asthma and breathing issues. The morphin is self explanatory. The stadol is a combo of synthetic morphines wrapped up into one, but is used through the nose, also helps with my condition but can be used for pain in other areas too. I also keep iodine crystals in the safe. If you don’t know why I would have them , all I can say is boom. You can order it form a pharmacy with no Rx , they usually have to order it for you as they don’t usually stock it. If mixed properly with something such as ammonia you have a contact explosive if you filter it right and know how to handle it. Smoke grenades are legal to own and you can purchase them online, they have a water proof wick on them, they provide for great cover , one grenade will cover an entire football field. Some of the newer ones have pull pins and different colors. I might look into getting some of them. You can also use them to trick the enemy into thinking there is a fire or that they have reached their waypoint etc…I have a chemical someone gave to me in a vial called the evacuator , you put drops of it in someones drink and they become very ill very ill, the runs, throwing up etc… google it, it was given to me but I think it is kind of cool. Sorry for the long post , I’m new here and starting to see the light , in fact where I live in Kaliforniastan they have started releasing the prison inmates and others to save money, now you can be sentenced here and be let it out in half time, they have started to do this after Arnold signed an order to let it happen. In less than 12 hours crime has gone up , deputies have been laid off, it is getting scary, one guy was released and less than 10 hours later he was arrested again for trying to rape someone.

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