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    After seeing in my local newspaper that our newly elected state superintendent of public instruction, Kirsten Baesler house came out in opposition to HB 1215 which would allow staff and parents that have carry permits to carry on school grounds with the permission of the local school authorities. I wrote her a letter expressing the feelings of my wife and I about her stance. Here is a copy of her response.

    “Mr. and Mrs. P,
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me and express your concerns. I truly wish to hear from more parents and community members with ideas on how to improve education in North Dakota. Initially, the Department of Public Instruction and I remained neutral on this bill and this issue in general. I believe in strong local control and I supported the portion of HB1425 that gave local school boards the control over this decision. I then began hearing from a great number of parents, teachers, community members and most importantly students who did not want to have guns in their schools. I heard stories of frightening, intimidating situations where adults in the school were intimidated and frightened by those they worked with. Those people who contacted and spoke to me want to be protected and feel safe (students especially) but they all said they would not feel safer with guns. They would feel worse. That was a strong basis for my decision. I have now heard from you and one other person asking me to support the gun bill.
    I am a strong advocate for education, and safety of our children is my number one priority so they can learn and grow up to be the best they can be! And I will promise you that I will work hard to support and provide resources to all of our schools to make sure that happens however the legislature decides to vote on this bill.
    I am a strong supporter of the Senate Bill for School Safety and Deferred Maintenance that provides money to schools to update their security and install locks, install cameras, safety glass, etc.
    I think there are many ways to prevent violence in our country. I want to focus on efforts to eliminate school shootings, not reduce the casualties once an unstable person shows up in a school parking lot and begins their act of terror.

    Again, I sincerely appreciate you contacting me. I wish more parents were as caring about their children’s safety and education.
    I hope I have answered any questions you may have had about why I took the position I did. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again in the future.

    Kirsten Baesler”

    So much fail in that response its just mind boggling. This last part really got me though.

    “I want to focus on efforts to eliminate school shootings, not reduce the casualties once an unstable person shows up in a school parking lot and begins their act of terror.”

    Yeah, and having a “gun free” zone has clearly been working so lets stick with that huh? Help get the word out and start flooding her email and phone with messages from “we the people” with kids.

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