Hackers inside the electrical grid

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    Found an article on how hackers have already penetrated both US power grids and European power grids. Basically, they could shut the grids down anytime they feel like it….basic research from Symantec. Article over on ArsTechnica:


    Hackers lie in wait after penetrating US and Europe power grid networks
    Intrusion into power companies’ operational networks is a dramatic escalation.

    Nation-sponsored hackers have penetrated the operational networks multiple US and European energy companies use to control key parts of the power grid that supplies electricity to hundreds of millions of people, researchers warned Wednesday.

    The incursions detected by security firm Symantec represent a dramatic escalation by a hacking group dubbed Dragonfly, which has been waging attacks against US and European energy companies since at least 2011. In 2014, Symantec reported that Dragonfly was aggressively establishing beachheads in a limited number of target networks, mainly by stealing the user names and passwords used to restrict access to legitimate personnel. Over the past year, the hacking group has managed to compromise dozens of energy firms and in a handful of cases, install backdoors in the highly sensitive networks the firms use to supply power to the grid.


    Anyone who intends war against the U.S. will absolutely go after our various infrastructures, and the electrical grid is the number one target. They will go after it by hacking, and by destructive methods such as the rifle attack that disabled a transformer station in California a few years ago.

    Assuming the attack isn’t an EMP, taking down the grid by other means is still effective, as we can only produce a small percentage of our electrical power locally, and the cost averages more than a dozen times the cost of the electrical power from the grid. After a few weeks, local fuel supplies will dwindle and other infrastructures (communications, transportation) will fail.


    Wall Street Journal and Fox news reporting that Russia has hacked into our electrial grid by obtaining employee records and continue to hack into our utility systems:



    Here’s another article about Russia hacking our electrical grid from the Department of Homeland Security:


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