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    —This preamble is suitable to conduct net operations for any state prepper radio net, and can serve to standardize net operation across the whole APN.


    “CQ CQ CQ this is __(YOUR CALL-SIGN) net control for the (YOUR STATE) Preppers Net, an affiliate of The American Preppers Network.”

    “Our net meets regularly (DAY) at (TIME) UTC (GMT…Greenwich Mean Time)”

    “All (amateur) radio operators are invited to participate.”

    “This net has been established as a fellowship net, with the primary purpose to promote self-reliance and preparedness in all aspects of modern life, toward the goal of everyone becoming less dependent on outside agencies for support, to share & disseminate information that can help everyone achieve individual independence, & self-reliance.”

    “For additional information about this net, you are invited to visit (STATE APN BLOG), or for more information about The American Preppers Network, we invite you to visit http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false.

    “This net may be superseded by ARES or SKYWARN in times of emergency.”

    “Are there any stations with traffic, bulletins, or announcements? Please give your call-sign, name & location. Please state if you will be available for our rag-chew session after roll-call. Please direct replies to (YOUR CALL SIGN), net control.”

    Recognize stations with announcements & traffic. Stations may be asked if they may wait until after Roll Call at your preference.

    Conduct Announcements & Traffic in order. Recognize and announce Station Call signs with announcements, and ask for Queries or Fills after each announcement.

    Recognize Query & Fill stations. You may ask if they wish to go direct to the announcing station with their query or fill.

    For Traffic: Determine first if traffic can be conducted directly to intended station by asking if recipient station is on frequency, or if there is a station that can take the intended traffic.

    If no response you can take the traffic information at your preference.
    If you take the traffic, determine the following:
    Sending Station Call sign:
    Receiving Station Call sign, mail address (if any) phone#(if any) email address (if any)
    Date of message:
    Message contents:

    Assign Message Number:

    * Passing traffic is an integral part of network activities, after the net, conduct the traffic information ASAP via the easiest method available, mail, phone, Internet or radio. When passing traffic, record receiving Call sign or Name, Date & any message # that may be assigned. Messages may be passed via other APN nets State to State when feasible.

    “We’ll now move into our formal portion of our net, this is a directed net. Please check in by your proper alphabetical group, note if you have any informal traffic, and if you will be remaining on frequency for the rag chew portion of the net. Please direct all comments to (YOUR CALL SIGN) your net control station.”

    “All Short Time,(stations only checking in)or Mobile stations please call now…

    )(Log all contacts and thank them for checking in.)

    “Short Time, or Mobile , stations not wishing to stay for the rag chew portion of the net may secure at your pleasure. Thank you for checking in. We’ll now take check-ins alphabetically by call-sign suffix. List if you have any informal traffic and if you will remain on frequency for the rag chew portion of the net. Please direct all comments to (YOUR CALL SIGN), your net control station.”

    Alpha through Delta Please come now.

    Echo through Hotel Please come now.

    India through Lima Please come now.

    Mike through Papa Please come now

    Quebec through Tango Please come now.

    Uniform through Zulu Please come now.

    Make a last call for late check ins

    (Handle all informal traffic.)

    “All stations not wishing to stay for the rag chew portion of the net may now secure at your pleasure. Thank you for checking in, and remember to visit our Internet presence at (YOUR STATE APN BLOG) or http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    We will now open the informal portion of our net.

    Announce Rag-chew Topic if there is one…

    Call all stations one at a time and ask for any comments they may have

    (Check for late stations at midpoint and conclusion.)

    “Before we conclude, are there any additional comments or business for the net? If so please call now.”

    I want to thank everyone that has joined us tonight for making this net possible and we hope that you will visit (YOUR STATE APN BLOG) or http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false for further information.

    Call any stations helping and ask if they have anything to add

    “I will now close this session of the (YOUR STATE) Preppers Net and return the frequency to regular amateur use. Thank you all for making this net possible. And again please see us on the Internet at http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    This is (YOUR CALL SIGN) clear.

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