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    I’m called The Dream Spinner, because I pretty much live, eat & sleep hand spinning luxury fiber yarnage, fiberarts & LOVE helping others come to relish the immediate sense of accomplishment that comes from Spinning their own yarns. So much so – That I became a http://babesfibergarden.com Spinning wheel Dealer & a few years later began designing & creating my OWN line of unique electronic universally compatible spinning wheels, ┬ęSling-Blade Handspinners & other spinning tools that ultimately led to biting the bullet & setting up my own ETSY webstore: http://TheDreamSpinner.etsy.com in the hope of helping offset the cost of my own rabid fiber-holic habits.

    I’ve long since PASSED attaining the fiber fanatics’ S.A.B.L.E. or Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy state – having amassed an embarassing wealth of stuffed bins stacked upon bins of multiple animal & plant spinning fibers in too many colourways to openly admit to. Anyone who dabbles in the Fiberarts instantly feels their pulse RACE like a small child in a candy store when they some into what once was my formal living & dining room – now “office” / computer room / spinning studio with at least 6 to 10 different spinning wheel models set up for drop-in “Test Drivers” errr… Spinners!

    There are TONS of excellent handspinning websites, offering FREE video demonstrations & spinning resource information links across the internet & YouTube videos as well as on my Spinning blog homepage & along the right column side at: http://spinnitt.blogspot.com. If your Fiberarts interest has been piqued – you MUST join a stunning array of fiberarts fans, artisans & independent suppliers in the online community RAVELRY at http://ravelry.com made up of knitters, crocheters, weavers, dyers, spinners, fiber resourcers, fibercrafting equipment & tool suppliers etc.

    Still in it’s BETA form RAVELRY membership is still in a by Invitation Only membership stage.
    You’ll need to register with them, naming The Dream Spinner as your referal source if you like
    and expect to wait perhaps a few days for your membership invition email to arrive. They DO this to ensure that their site isn’t overwhelmed & maintain enough bandwidth to support the rest of us & our myriad fiber related group activites there.

    Being newly & fully Awakened by my more than patient son of http://www.freedomvideousa.forumwise.com/ thru the last year & holding my hands thru that excruciatingly painful process – I offer FREE Hand-Spinning lessons, teaching LIVE one-on-one via SKYPE {or perhaps in Blog TV casts soon} by appt. only please. There is simply NOTHING that rivals the instantaneous gratification that comes of handspinning your own LUXURY yarn for pennies on the dollar vs buying readymade lux yarns, while also connecting your Spirit with those of the intrepid Women & MEN who have done so of necessity for millenia. These days – Spinning’s quickly becoming yet another neccesary home arts skill. If I can help you learn to spin – or help advise you with resources, please don’t hesitate to ask! With Kindest Regards, Teri – The Dream Spinner

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