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    I looked, not wanting to be repetitious for a post on washing dishes when water is of limited amount. Didn’t find any. Not a concern where I live, plenty of water but know a concern for many. For those that have concerns about having plenty of water when shtf may I suggest a good stock of plastic ware, paper plates and such. A lot of water can be saved by not having to do dishes and who wants to do dishes anyway?

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    This info is for cleaning dishes & utensils after coming in contact w/ flood waters, or other such disasters:

    Cleaning Dishes and Utensils


    Here is an APN Blog entry on washing dishes with limited water:

    How To Wash Dishes With No Running Water


    Honestly, it’s hard for me to seriously post this link, considering hand washing dishes *should* be a natural thing to do. -Sigh- kids these days, lol! I guess most have never washed a dish without using a dishwasher. So … for those who need to know HOW to do this … this link is for YOU!

    How to Hand-wash Dishes

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