Hawaii Preppers Needed for a TV Show

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    Here is the casting call

    Casting Call for new reality-tv show: Prepper Nation

    A new reality TV show is in the pre-production stage of interviewing people to see if they fit the criteria to be shown.

    A silent movement has been growing in the United States. A movement of people who no longer believe government can protect citizens from the natural disasters and end-of- the-world scenarios that face us. These people are not restricted to any one location or any single part of society. They can be found in rural areas and major cities. They are made up of mothers and fathers, teenagers, farmers, businessmen, politicians and even rock stars. They all share one belief, one vital goal for this generation: preparedness.

    This is the world of Prepper Nation.

    Each week, Prepper Nation will look at these men and women who make up this movement. It’s about the prepper websites, networks and blogs that populate the Internet. It’s about bringing their stories to a mainstream audience.

    If you are a prepper or think you are very interested in being on this show. Please send your name, contact information, headshot or photo of yourself and please tell us at Intrepid Filmworks why you need/want/love to be on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity show!


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