Heart of Stone

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    Parts of this came to me over time so I put them together in order and wrote it out. She doesn’t have a name because she didn’t “tell” me. *shrugs*

    Heart of Stone

    The ghillie suit was hot. That was a given. Waiting was a pain in the ass. That was a given too. But the fact that I was waiting for a line of pre-pubescent girls being herded along the dirt road by foreign military for their “comfort” tents is what really pissed me off and when I’m pissed, Hell have no fury, as the saying goes.

    Stationed along the road at intervals were the rest of the people chosen for the mission. Most of which were past military from differing branches and rank along with some other women mixed in so they could comfort the girls while they were being moved back behind the lines to safety.

    I had a side arm for just in case but I was going to use a nice sharp kabar that I traded for with some old guy who said he used in the sandbox. Whatever. It was a good knife and I sharpened the hell out of it. I also had a bokker hanging on my hip in its case and of course my old reliable buck knife hidden in my boot.

    I was to wait until they all passed and take out the last guy in the line of guards. That would be the signal for the others to take out the rest and for the other women to grab or lead the girls off to the side of the road and further into the weeds and brush that lined it.

    Afterwards we’d strip the men, drag their bodies off the road and get the girls to the safe house up in the mountains where if possible we’d find their families if we could and if not then we’d ship them out to the Midwest where we held the lines firmly against the invasion from both the south and the north.

    I was never ever in the military in any way shape or form. It’s just that I am a cold hearted bitch and will take on anyone who messes with me in any way. I’ve lost all I wanted to live for when the bastards raided my small town and home. They killed my husband and daughter and wounded me but not before both my husband and I took some out ourselves. I know I cracked some skulls with the baseball bat I was wielding and Griffith got some with his hunting rifle. Caroline was caught running from her job at the bank and cut down in the street.

    Looking to the north of the road I saw the first of the men. I was glad they didn’t have vehicles and gas to move the girls now since they didn’t count on the amount of guerrilla fighters that this country had and how badly we decimated their supplies and materials.

    Waiting and watching as the poor exhausted girls, some of whom looked not even into double digits, stumble along the road I felt the anger in me grow. Damn animals. It made me even more determined to rid this country of these foul animals and send them all to the Hell that awaited them for their deeds. For I believed that my one true Lord did have a Hell waiting for them and all who helped them. And I was very happy to assist them into standing before Him for the final judgment.

    Counting the men it seemed that our Intel was right and we had enough men of our own to take them all with no problem. Seeing the last man coming I began to mentally prepare for what needed to be done. Listening to the soft crying of the girls was bad enough but to see the bruises on some and wondering if they had already been badly handled helped to bring my target into clearer focus.

    He was just slightly taller than me and he looked to have a good ten pounds if not a little more on me but I knew that surprise and a swift cut cross his throat wouldn’t be a problem. Wait for it……….don’t move a muscle………don’t feel the insects flying and landing on you……….ignore the soft crying…..focus on the target……..he’s just at your location…..follow him with your eyes and not your head………..a few more steps…….GO! UP! Throw off the blanket of camouflage. Jump on him, grab his head with your left hand, and wrench it back, there! SLICE it NOW! Pull him down. Make sure he’s down for good and gone to Hell. Stab him in his black heart. There now twist it! Good…….good…..

    Someone was screaming faintly. I could hear it and it was becoming louder as I came back to the there and now. It was the small girl just in front of the piece of filth I just killed. She was standing there screaming at what I had done. “Shut the hell up!” I told her and then walked the couple of steps to her and grabbed her hand and started towards the front of the line of people. She was trying to pull her hand from mine and I stopped and got right in her face. “Stop acting like a damn baby! You’re safe now so shut up!” I told her and shook her slightly to maybe get her attention. She stopped pulling on her hand and I pushed towards another woman who was comforting a couple of other girls.

    I moved back to the man I killed and started stripping him. I took everything but his wallet. That a shoved into his pried opened mouth and started to drag the body into the bushes alongside the road. I made sure he was well off the edge so it would take some time to find him. I stopped and picked up the ghillie blanket and used it to load the enemy’s things and tied shut the four corners. Hefting it over one shoulder I went to the front and found one of the men who was leading this little party.

    “We ready?” I asked him. He nodded and so we set off towards the west where not a mile away the trucks were waiting that we left there hidden. From there we would head up into the mountains and wait for more instructions or missions and feed the girls and give them firstaid. I was glad I didn’t get stuck with tending to them. I was finished tending to kids. I had some more enemies to kill and hopefully the cowards who let them get this far would be able to convince them it was in their best interest to leave and go back from where they came. If not, then I guess we’ll just have to keep fighting until every last one of them were dead.


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