Heirloom seeds at Dollar Tree

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    Just a heads up for heirloom seeds. My dollar tree store has theirs out already and they’re only .25 a pack. They had 2 different carrots, 4 different greenbeans, 2 peas, 2 tomatoes, 3 squash(2 straight 1 crookneck), 1 watermelon ( as far as I could see),2 corn,3 hot peppers,2 sweet peppers,2 radishes and they had the most well known herbs like basil,dill, 2 parsley(curly,flat),oregano,sage and chives.
    Plenty of flowers which I don’t bother with except marigolds which I forgot to get (ugh).

    So if you want some heirloom seeds dollar tree should be putting them out

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