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    I’ m Jerry

    Looking for a gig or situation. Skill set includes underground utility construction, EMT, FIREFIGHTER, Farm Ranch hand / Operator. Arborist. We hope to find a position as a maintenance facilitator property manager for an individual or group with some acreage a viable garden , pasture, woods, would need a place to park and live and a stipend to provide living needs. I’m in NW Oregon hope something not too distant from there works out. Religious: we are Netzrim, that means we follow the same belief set as Yahusha (Jesus) and all the apostles and don’t work on Shabbat (Saturday)¬† except in the case of emergency¬†
    I won’t try to proselytize I just want to work and live .
    Please feel free to contact me via email at jlamdec2018 at gmail dot com

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