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    Greetings all,

    I’ve finally decided to stop merely reading and post something. I’m Larry. I’m somewhat of a nerd/techie, but also hands-on (machinist, electronics, basic carpentry.)

    I’m in the Boston area, a renter, but starting to look at farther-out options, both figuratively and literally. I have family issues keeping me here, but those will change in the next year or so. Thus, I’m in planning mode, though starting on preps I can, as I can. Right now, I’m experimenting with making hardtack and variants, since one need I see is long-shelflife food one can eat without cooking. I’m also looking into DIY oxygen scavengers; I *think* I’m on the track of something cheaper than current options. Eventually, I’d like to store SHTF bulk foods in metal or plastic barrels, but 5-gallon buckets are where my budget and storage abilities are today.

    Anyone reading knowledgeable and willing to advise about towing/hitches?

    Interested in hearing from anyone in the area.

    Best regards,


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