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    Found this place by accident, but here i am, Always had a predisposition towards preparedness,disaster relief ec.

    Volunteer firefighter 21 years, Elected Peace officer 10 years. Firearms enthusiast who is willing to (share my volumous wisdon on all things firearms,shooting,Reloading/handloading self defense etc. with firearms BTW.) hunt, fish, camp. Un employed right now.(Nobody is making anyhting and nobody is selling much, so the trucking industry isn’t shipping much, so they don’t need drivers like me.)Single not married but still concerned about future happenings.

    I will share my information on all things firearms and tactical related, hope to learn more about food storage, medical and other topics in return.

    I have seen bad things as an emergency responder, and feel even worse things are coming everyones way, due to my vast knowledge of history, and i have not seen the country so devided on which way to go since the civil war. Both times ui have seen this type of dismay with politiciains has resulted in ..the first time the Revolution against Britain and then the Civil war against our government. Either way the corruption and greed for power and control in washington will not end well for the people of this country. or as Creedence Clearwater Revival said it “I seea bad moon a ‘ risin'”.

    So Here i am. You’ll probably see the most in the pennsylvania forum though. :gunsmile: :tank: 👿

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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