Hello from a newbie in far east TN

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    Hi to all! I just joined the APN and thought I should support my local group as well! I am not new to thinking about survival and prepping ha ha! However I have the means to do so for the first time in my life, after paying off a bit of mountain land. I am a country boy, however, I am single and being pulled screaming and crying into geezer-hood. At age 50ish and not the best of health I am going to have issues to overcome in becoming off the grid capable and as self sufficient as possible. I love my fellow brothers and sisters as a christian and of course God. As a testament and kind of ministry dad (it was dads now deceased idea) we erected three crosses on the highest part of what is now the Bug out land. Anyway I have a lot to learn and I hope not to be too much of a pest by asking too many questions! God bless all of you ~ I hope to see yall’ in the forum or blog…

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