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    hi all… new family of 5 here.. my name is cody and ive been into prepping light heartedly for a cpl years now. i work in the hvac field and my fiance is the best breakfast cook around. but living in the area i do has pushed my fiance and i full forceinto preparing ourselves for marshal law and an escelation of war between law enforcement and the overwhelming gangs here. over the course of 20+ years ive watched this town make a turn for the worse as well as the country as a whole… i fear for my kids and the safety of my fiance when im not near them. to the point we now travel so that my kids can go to a safer school . our ultimate goal is to escape this place and go off grid with other like minded individuals.. but for now we are simply getting our bob’s ready. hopefully one day i can allow my children to freely play outside without the worry of a kidnapping or abuse. hope to learn a lot here and connect with others

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