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    Hello All! I just want to say that I am so happy to have found this forum and website. As for my “prepper” status, I have my father to thank for planting the seeds many years ago, and the book “Alas Babylon” which served as our inspiration for being prepared for situations beyond our control. My father and I bought 12 acres 30 miles N. of where we live to serve a two fold purpose; 1) To build a bunker type shelter/home to flee to during hurricanes (we live ON the coast), 2) For me to eventually retire on.

    I lost my beloved father, my partner in crime, my inspiration, my everything, two years ago. He lived an awesome, adventuress, successful life, but passed away truly believeing the systems on which our daily lifes are centered (and some would say depend on) would eventually fail due to a multitude of reasons. He worried about peak oil. He, a former patriot and life long republican, worred that our government of corporate sponsers no longer concerned itself with its citizens. Yeah, he did a 180. One of his later heros was General Smedley Butler, who wrote the book “War is a Racket”, published in 1939. You should read it. Its short, and its eyeopening.

    He worried, but he also planned, and researched, and schemed. My most treasured memories are of our nighttime conversations around the campfire, beer soaked discussions solving the world’s problems or figuring out how to survive them if we didn’t! He was a retired Naval officer, and I was an e-1 with no chance of promotion, ever!

    So here I am! With 6 months worth of food stocked, a peice of land crying out for my company, and rudimentary gardening skills. I am simplifying and eliminating all the flotsom and jetsom society has pressured me into believing I need. I am stocking salt, beans, rice, yeast. At best, I am an amatuer at this, but you have to start somewhere!! I’m ready to learn.

    Thanks for reading. Vicki

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