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    Nick Carlucci

    A few things you can learn at Herbal Survival Blog
    Hi Everyone,
    I am known as the Herbal Survivalist I have over 40 yrs. Experience in Natural Solutions and 20 yrs with Nutritional Herbology. I Have been Seriously Prepping in a realistic fashion and views since the late 1980’s . I decided to start a small blog and it grew WE now have a brand new blog COMPLETELY REDESIGNED. It’s focus is education of herbal Medicine, Survival Preparedness, Off-Grid, and Homesteading Using Videos, Premium post content Recipes and formulas all focused on prepping. a few more categories are Wild Edibles, Herbal Videos Teaching you how to identify prepare and use the various herbal both nutritionally and medicinally. But most importantly our Goal is not just to teach so others can Learn but… So others can “Learn to TEACH”
    I am here always for you , Your families and your groups. Never be afraid to ask a question. Your questions will not only teach others but spark their desire to Learn More.
    God Bless you All, Nick Carlucci,The Herbal Survivalist
    You can Visit the New Herbal Survival Blog Here at your leisure:
    You Can Read More about me here:
    God Bless You All abundantly!

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