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    Love this site! I have a goal in mind … to only have to buy sugar, flour, and coffee within the next 2 years. So far i have a 2 yr old hieffer (jersey /guernsey cross), a one yr old bull ( holstien/jersey cross).I’m hoping they get together real soon so i can fill the freezer with beef and the fridge with milk, cheese, and butter! I like to consider myself a hillbilly in training . I am looking for canning info(never done it , dont know a thing about it ). We try to re-use anything before it hits the burn pile( or after… my chicken pen is made from burnt matresses and box springs, hey its good cheap fencing …lol)or try to see what it could be used for in the future.Also looking for info on making cheese, smoking/preserving meats. I am tired of paying the butcher extra for smoking my bacon and hams. The last hog i took in to the processer was no great deal, The next one i will butcher myself. At the rate things are going up in price poor men like myself wont be able to afford groceries. walmart had tomatoes on sale for over 2$ a pound this week, 3 smalll beets…$2.28 Just rediculous! Time to fight back and regress to the time when boats were made of wood and men were made of steel!

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