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    Hello from East River!

    I live in eastern South Dakota, commonly known regionally as “east river”. I am a Mom of two grown kids. grandma of 3, foster grandma of 3. Prepper before there was a term. Self-sufficiency nut all my life! Grew up in eastern Colorado in sandhill country on a ranch and farm. Raised to believe in water and soil conservation and livestock management and self sufficiency. So as my son puts it “Frugal when frugal wasn’t cool” is my best description. I live in a village of less than 100 people and have a quiet life overall. I am trained in horticulture & agriculture. Hubby is a trained, historical blacksmith (not farrier). He and I have studied separately various skills and combined we are best described as “nerds”.

    I raise ducks, chickens, pigeons and a garden. Been slowly converting my yard to an edible landscape over the last 10 years. If they can’t handle our harsh climate, then I figure they are planted in the wrong spot or shouldn’t be in my area. I experiment a lot of plants too. I have a satsuma tangerine growing in my home and yes, it produces fruit each year. I also love studying wild medicinals and wild edible plants also. I also love studying repurposing and recycling materials so as to reduce my external waste.

    I have a blog too called frugallivinginsouthdakota.blogspot.com

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