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    Thought I’d do a proper quick introduction – although I’m new to this particular forum board but not to APN or “prepping” in general.

    I live in West Tennessee with my husband and 3 daughters. Hubby is a financial planner and a SFC in the Army Reserves. :tank: He is currently deployed on Active Duty as a Senior Instructor at Ft. Knox, KY. I’m a “stay-at-home” mom – juggling all the plates while he’s gone. We run a ranch where we raise pastured beef and sell beef directly to families in our area – we’ve done this for about 8 years. We also raise bees.

    Although we currently still live in the ‘burbs, we have a vegetable garden every year – last year we tried tire gardening for the first time with pretty good success. I do lots of home canning – usually I can a couple of cases of veggies each year, along with some of our beef. This year we have a little pot-bellied pig (she’s about 9 months old) in our backyard doing our “tilling” for us. We’re moving her in 8×16 foot sections around the yard where we want to garden this next year. Hubby fondly calls her our “hog-a-tiller”! :rofl:

    I home-school our girls – in addition to our “routine” curriculum, we spend time teaching our girls life skills – cooking, canning, sewing, shooting, archery, gardening, taking care of the cows, beekeeping, 4-H – seems like the list is endless!

    I’ve taught classes locally on cooking, canning, basic firearms and personal defense for women, emergency preparedness, how to put together a 72-hour kit, food storage, etc.

    I Joined APN as the moderator for the Tennessee Preppers Network site in January 2009. Hubby and I have been actively “prepping” together for the 12 years we’ve been married – he prepped even before that.

    That, in a nutshell, is my intro – I look forward to seeing my old friends here and getting to know new friends!

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