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    Hi, just joined the state group a few minutes ago. I’m very glad to see there are folks in Georgia concerned about what the future will hold.
    I live west of Atlanta (OK, I’m in Douglasville) and plan to stay in place regardless of the scenario. We have preps for SHTF stuff and for natural disaster.
    I’m really close to 60 and am retired from the Air Force. I’ve spent a lot of years overseas and learned a lot while I was there.
    From my gentle prodding I think only one of my neighbors has a clue as to what is to come and he’s a hunter and knows that kind of stuff.
    I’m really thinking we are going to get hit with a pretty good hurricane before too long so the storm room in the basement is almost finished.
    I read there might be a meet up in September. Could be fun.
    Thanks for being around,

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